It sure doesn't feel like spring is right around the corner with the snow recently just falling throughout the state of Wisconsin, but it's on the way, and Dairy Queen is celebrating with a free cone.

This is one of those months that we'll see 40-degree temperature changes throughout the week. It'll be 25 degrees and snowing one day, but two days later people are walking around in shorts and breaking out the motorcycle.

Spring is Upon Us, Time To Celebrate

Colorful tulips in the Keukenhof park, Holland
loading... is showing the possibility of mid-70-degree temperatures around March 20th, which is the perfect time for warmer temperatures, because it's also 'Free Cone Day' at Dairy Queen.

That's right, free. $Free.99, $0.00, no money.

March 20th is also the first day of spring, which is a great day to break out the cones and get some lickin' in.

How To Get Free Dairy Queen Ice Cream

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen

There's always a catch of some kind of a catch, but this one isn't that bad. You're supposed to "stop by a DQ restaurant, get their free cone, and make great memories with friends and family," according to the company's Vice President of Marketing, Maria Hokanson. 

Just show up, and you can get a free small vanilla ice cream cone at your favorite Dairy Queen location (as long as they're participating).

How Many Free Cones Can You Get?


It's not that you should cheat the system, but most metro areas across Wisconsin have at least a couple of Dairy Queen locations.

You could easily hit up a couple of different locations throughout the day, and if you start early enough, you might even be able to time out shift change. I'm not saying you should throw on a hat and get out and eat multiple cones in a day, but it's up to you and what your morals decide.

Enjoy that free cone (or all of those free cones).

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