If there's one thing I've learned in my lifetime, it's that giving the police a fake name doesn't work, especially if the name you give them is more of a toilet humor type sentence.

33-year-old Melinda Lynn Guerrero from St. Petersburg, Florida had the police called on her because she was refusing to leave a Mobil gas station. Officers arrested her for trespassing.

Later on, when they were processing her, Guerrero refused to provide her name to police. According to the criminal complaint, police asked "multiple times" for the name, but all Guerrero was saying was "My name is my butt just farted.”

Officers identified Guerrero's name, due to the fact that her prints and picture were in the system from several other arrests.

Well, that and the bigass tattooo on her neck that said "Guerrero."

Officers noted that she was most likely under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Guerrero was charged with trespassing and providing a false name to law enforcement, both misdemeanors.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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