Welcome to your daily dose of Florida Man. Today's Story: A Flordia Man was caught on camera stealing a crossbow by stuffing it down his pants and leaving the store.

On February 6th, a man identified as Darren Durrant was caught on camera stealing a crossbow from a True Value Store located at 2800 Highway 1 in Mims, Florida.

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True Value employees discovered that two crossbows were missing, and concluded they had been stolen from the store. When reviewing surveillance footage, a male, now identified as Darren Durrant, was observed "walking into the store, stealing a pair of cutting tools off the shelf, and then cutting the zip ties off of a Ravin Rio Crossbow." said Brevard County Sheriffs Office.

Durrant was seen in the video walking through an aisle with the crossbow in hand, taking a moment to shove it in his pants, grabbing his crutch, and hobbling his way out of the store undetected.

When the evidence was found and shown to authorities, police started their search for Durrant. Deputy Michael Lindo located him a few days later in the parking lot of a nearby Walgreens.

When Durrant realized he had been spotted, he made a run for it. (But as you can probably tell, he did not get very far)

Brevard County Sheriffs Office said in their post, "Deputy Lindo obtained an arrest warrant for Durrant for Felony Petit Theft as he has two prior felony theft convictions."

This man must have a kink for stealing, he was placed in the Seminole County Jail on an unrelated burglary charge and then will face charges in Brevard County for Felony Petit Theft.

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