Being in the business of following stories from all over the world documenting stupid criminals, their bad excuses, and bad attempts at breaking the law, you'd think we would have heard and seen it all by now, but yet, there's a guy who has come up with a new excuse we have never heard before.

Police say 34-year-old Daniel Ascencio-Barrera was pulled over Thursday evening as he drove in Clearwater, Florida. Right off the bat, Ascencio-Barrera was initially arrested for driving with a permanently revoked driver's license.

After the arrest, a search of Ascencio-Barrera's vehicle was conducted which turned up a “large clear bag” with 29.7 grams of powder. The mixture in the bag, sure enough, tested positive for being heroin during a field test conducted by officers on the scene.

Officers then read Daniel Ascencio-Barrera reportedly told officers "that his family sent it to him from Guatemala and that he thought it was chili powder."

Just so we're aware, this is what heroin typically looks like, vs what chili powder typically looks like. Pretty hard to tell the difference.


Along with the charge of driving with a permanently revoked driver's license,  Ascencio-Barrera was charged with narcotics trafficking. With the two felony charges, his bail was set at $55,000.


Daniel Ascencio-Barrera is also facing a probation violation because he was driving (and trafficking heroin), which all stems back to a prior DUI conviction.

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