Police in Manatee County, Florida were called to a home after a dispute broke out between a mother and her 22-year-old son.

Sometime around 8 P.M. on Monday night, Hermes Callijas-Gasperin asked his mom to make him some dinner. The 41-year-old mother agreed and said it would take a while because she was busy. Apparently the wait time took this guy from hungry to hangry in record time.

Callijas-Gasperin then threw some sausages at her and one of the meat tubes hit her in the right eye. He then allegedly put his hands around her neck, but didn't choke her.

Now here's how he says it went down: Callijas-Gasperin claims that his mom bumped into him while he was eating. That's when he got mad and threw his remaining sausages at her. He says that he did nothing wrong and wouldn't have gotten mad if she had just apologized.

The sausage-thrower was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and has been ordered to stay at least 500 feet away from his mother.

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