Here's a Life Pro Tip if you ever find yourself in Florida and think to yourself, "I want to ride a manatee:" It's illegal.

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James Roy Massengale Jr. from Islamorada, Florida decided he want to take a dip with the endangered animals. Witnesses spotted him near a creek with two adult manatees and two calves swimming by. That's when Massengale said, “I’m riding it!”

The witnesses told him that they were endangered and what he was doing was illegal and that he should leave. Massengale didn't listen and approached the manatees.

A Florida Wildlife Conservation officer arrived to see Massengale touching and laying over the manatees. He then yelled at the officer, “take me to jail” and asked another person to “hit them [the officers] in the face so that they’d have to take him to jail.”

Massengale was charged with annoying, molesting, harassing, or disturbing a manatee.

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