Sheriff's deputies in Lee County, Florida are saying that Josue Ortiz picked the wrong house to rob, something he already knew since the homeowner beat him with Ortiz with Jiu-Jitsu skills.

Brian Burch said he was just protecting his home, "I was holding him down. Once I had him, he wasn't going anywhere."

Ortiz had entered the home through the open garage, Burch found him carrying a jackhammer case and an airgun case. "He told me that the boss sent him over here to pick up tools to finish a job."

The homeowner questioned the would-be thief and Ortiz tried to run. That's when Burch got him on the ground and a neighbor called the police.

Ortiz ended up with a broken nose and burglary and grand theft charges.

Lee County Sheriff's Office
Lee County Sheriff's Office

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