Tossing their clothes out the window and changing the locks is a sure sign your relationship's over. But here are five things that might seem like red flags, even though they're normal.

  1. Letting things go unresolved. Trying to find a solution to every single issue that you disagree on is exhausting and unrealistic. And sometimes it just starts another fight. So letting things go is okay sometimes.
  2. Feeling attracted to other people. It takes about 18 months for your hormones to settle in after you enter a relationship. Then you might start feeling attracted to other people again. But it's okay, as long as you don't act on it.
  3. Criticism. It's fine as long as it's constructive, and you're nice about it. You can actually help each other grow by giving feedback on things to improve on.
  4. Keeping secrets, as long as they're minor. There are some things you can keep to yourself. And you can still have a solid relationship without sharing every neurotic thought or detail. Obviously some secrets are bigger than others though.
  5. Having less sex. Slowdowns and even full stops for a while can be normal. And sometimes it has to do with work stress, or life stress. So don't assume your relationship is headed south just because you're in a lull.

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