Tensions have been high this holiday season for anyone looking to purchase the newest consoles, especially Sony's PlayStation 5. That tension came to a head at a Walmart in Florida, sparking a fist fight when news came that the systems were sold out.

Valeria Aguilar and her relatives waited in line outside of the Walmart in Doral, Florida for over 8 hours.

“A guy from Walmart come to us and he said apparently there’s not 30 PS5’s, so people started to get mad,” Aguilar said.

An incident report from Doral PD said her friend, Juan Ramirez, became aggressive and belligerent toward employees of the store when they announced there were only five consoles left, meaning they wouldn't be getting one.
Officer Pacheco escorted Ramirez from the store, as Aguilar tried to block her while holding her 4-month-old child.
Once outside, Aguilar punched Officer Pacheco with a closed fist, knocking her to the ground.
Video of the fight isn't quite clear, but shows a scuffle, and then Officer Pacheco falling to the ground. Aguilar denies punching her.

“She lost control of her body and fall on the floor,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar and Ramirez were arrested, as well as Aguilar's father, Fredie Aguilar. The incident report states Fredie Aguilar grabbed Officer Pacheco by the collar of her uniform.

According to Valeria, her dad is still in jail on an immigration hold. She's now looking to get justice for him.

“My Dad never touched her face. My dad is innocent! Real innocent,” Aguilar said.

Doral Police say the incident is still under investigation.

Read more at NBC Miami

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