Last fall, five fifth-graders at a school in Mankato, Minnesota noticed a kid with special needs getting picked on at recess. His name is James Willmert. And they did more than stick up for him. They went WAY above and beyond.

First, they made sure the bullying stopped, and they have his back at recess every day now. When they realized he didn't really have any friends, they told him to start sitting with them at lunch, and made him part of their group.

Now they all play football and basketball together at recess. His mom says he used to hate recess, but now he can't wait for it. She recently put up a basketball hoop in their driveway, because he's gotten really into sports.

The guys also started helping him with little things he has trouble with, like opening a bag of chips or tying his shoes.

And finally, one of them recently asked what video games he has. James said he didn't have any, so they pooled their money, got their parents to chip in a little more, and bought him a PlayStation.

James's mom says they've changed her son's life.