Earlier this summer, Carole Baskin was given control of the Greater Wynnewood Zoo, previously owned by Joe Exotic. The zoo is under control of Jeff Lowe, who was given 120 days to vacate the premises.

Due to "recent inspections", the zoo has been forced to close permanently.

A USDA report from June 23rd documented two large cats and two wolves looked to be in poor health, and no veterinarian had not been consulted about the care. The report also discussed the death of 17-year-old cat Young Yi, who was not cared for by a veterinarian prior to its death.

July 9th, the USDA reported 34 animals were missing and could not be accounted for at the zoo. If you remember, that's part of why Joe himself got in trouble, was lack of documentation about new and deceased animals.

The same report listed 4 tigers and one liger, by name, that were unaccounted for. There were also two tigers that were new to the zoo, but no paperwork to be found.

In response, the USDA suspended Lowe's exhibitor license for 21 days, but he has decided to go forth and forfeit his license voluntarily after he wasn't able to get a renewed license.

Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park via Facebook
Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park via Facebook

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