You could take a look at the news & social media and find a lot of darkness.  Political opponents have made enemies out of neighbors.  Neighbors have made devils out of political leaders when we're in fact the ones that vote them into office.

You could find a lot of darkness if you glance.

But if you look can find some light.  People are reaching out to help each other.  Checking on one another to see if they're good or if they need a friend.

Taking some of this bad and making it good is what Julie Meiners is doing.  She's a friend of the family who got COVID this year.  She recovered, thank goodness but her father wasn't so lucky.

For those of you who ride, you probably remember Father Arley Downie at the Annual ABATE of Iowa District 21 Bike Blessing in downtown Fulton.  He did that for 30 years before passing away this year.

Julie is taking this horrible situation and making the best of it.  She's putting on a blood drive in her fathers honor.

The Father Arley Downie Memorial Blood Drive is this Saturday, November 14th from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. at the Triple play in Fulton. They will be accepting whole blood regular plasma and the convalescent plasma which is for the COVID. All of course is needed especially thru these trying times.


"I'm doing this in memory of my father and to all the other families that have lost loved ones to this pandemic. I was blessed to be able to receive the plasma and I'm hoping that I will be able to qualify as a donor". -Juls


To find out if you qualify, go to and use the group code 3975 to schedule and appointment.

To sign up contact Juls ad 563-249-5681 or email

Covid Blood Drive

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