A front yard Halloween display in Waretown, New Jersey has garnered quite a bit of attention with it's bloodied car pinning a body against a tree.

Kevin and Krysten Negrotto set up a Toyota Supra in their yard to appear as though it has crashed into a tree with two dead zombies. One body is pinned against the tree while the other lays on the ground behind the car.

The car in the scene is one that Kevin uses for drift racing, for its current purpose they detached the front bumper.

The rest of the scene is completed with blood splatters and crime scene tape. The homeowners also posted a fake news story on a nearby tree.

The story identifies the bodies as Zombie Bob and Zombie Cindy. According to the story, Bob became a zombie after drinking contaminated water from a power plant.

Krysten created the zombies by stuffing clothing with pillows and car parts. The blood is just from a bottle purchased from a Halloween store.

News stories have claimed that residents called local police because the scene was too realistic and inappropriate. Krysten says those claims are false and that she's received only positive comments. "How could anybody call the cops on a Halloween display that clearly is fake?"

Read more at The Sun.

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