Media went viral on TikTok and other platforms this week after videos and pictures emerged showing what happened after a hotel's staff walked out.

According to the Reddit photo that went viral, showing police officers behind the front desk, manning the phones, the user said that it happened at the Hilton Suites in Boynton Beach.

While the photo went viral, a TikTok from another guest went viral, showing her and her family stuck in the lobby while they waited to gain access to their rooms again.

“Every employee walked out at our hotel tonight, guests are running the desk sooo,” Tini (@tini.bop) said in the video.

DailyDot talked with Tini, who said that someone did contact the police, because guests were unable to check-in, check-out, and some were even locked from their rooms.

In a comment, she wrote that guests were angry and “money was behind counter,” which explains why officers could be seen behind the counter.

Many in the comment section were in favor of the walkout.

"As they should us hotel workers have been turned into babysitters from the pandemic lol," CeyonicEmber wrote.

"I always say people don't quit their jobs, they quit the executives, owners, managers, etc," Candi said.

This is the third documented case of a walkout at a hotel in the last few months, with one other walkout stemming from a South Dakota after the owner of the hotel banned Native Americans from the hotel.

The owner said that the ban stemmed from a shooting that took place. “Natives killing Natives,” the owner allegedly wrote.

“The problem is we do not know the nice ones from the bad Natives … so we just have to say no to them!!" the owner told the staff, according to NY Post. 

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