You take your headphones off and place them gently in your bag.  Then you count to five, open up your bag, and somehow they've managed to tie themselves into a TON of knots. Want to know why?  Physicists at the University of California, San Diego finally have an answer.  Here are the four reasons why . . .

1.  Since headphone cords are a little stiffer than a regular string, they NATURALLY coil into a bunch of loops.

2.  Headphone cords are long and have three loose ends:  Two earpieces and the plug.

3.  When ANY one of those three loose ends enters one of those loops, it makes a knot.

4.  So your headphones are pretty much GUARANTEED to knot up almost immediately.

The average pair of headphones tangles into at least 11 KNOTS when you put them in a bag.  And in their tests, they found headphone cords can form 120 different types of knots.  So . . . it's not your fault.

Kevin Walker Townsquare Media