The Evel Knievel themed mini-bike lives!  When we raffled the stylish and race-ready custom painted Evel mini-bike (And autographed Evel photo from the Evel Knievel estate) earlier this month, winner Scotty said his plan was to help the daughter of his local Fire Chief pay some of her medical bills.

If you recall, we raffled off the mini bike to benefit Helping Hannah's Heart foundation, where we were able to raise $2,270. The bike was donated by Jeff, and painted by Jim Hetzler. 

Roberta Osmers
Roberta Osmers

The winner of the raffle, Scott, has decided that perhaps the bike should never have an owner, and just be raffled off time and time again, helping out whoever needs it. Scott selected Brynne's Battle.

Brynne Feddericke was in a bad ATV accident on May 1st. Within the first 48 hours after the crash, Brynne endured 8 hours of surgery.

According to their Facebook page's bio, "She is currently in a medical induced coma and on a ventilator only to protect her airway. She can breathe on her own and she is stable."

We love the idea of the mini becoming a perpetual fund-raising machine--so here's the link to the fundraiser for Brynne Feddericke's family. Get your tickets, and maybe you'll be cruising in style on your own Evel Knievel themed mini-bike.

The raffle ends Sunday, May 30th at midnight, and the winner will be announced Monday the 31st.  We'll also mention the winner on Tuesday's Dwyer & Michaels show!

We're huge Evel fans over at the Dwyer & Michaels show, which is why Michaels even stopped at a casino in Wisconsin to see Evel's son, Robbie, complete a jump.

First, he wiped out doing a wheelie, but he did eventually get the jump.

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