We should all try to be a little more generous and understanding around the holidays. Sometimes you try your best, and it backfires. What would you have done in this situation?

A woman in England recently saw a homeless couple set up shop in her driveway for the night to sleep. At first she thought about calling the cops on them. Then she thought about being overly nice, and offering them some tea to warm up.

She ended up splitting the difference, and decided not to bother them. She just let them sleep there, and figured they'd be gone the next day.

When she tried to leave for work the next morning, and they were still there, surrounded by empty beer cans, and openly having sex in her driveway.

At that point she called the cops, and they eventually came by and made them leave.

She says she has a lot of sympathy for people who are down on their luck. She just didn't want her driveway to become their regular hangout spot.

Read more at Hull Daily Mail.

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