A delivery truck driver got his vehicle stuck when he followed Google directions that took him down a flight of stairs.


Truck Falls Down Stairs Due to Google Maps Error

A delivery truck in Edinburgh crashed down a city stairwell following a false routing recommendation caused by an error on Google Maps. This marked the third accident of its kind within a few weeks. The mishap occurred around 11.30 am on January 18, on Leith Street, the vehicle becoming the third victim to the seemingly errant navigation instructions.

According to reports, an error on Google Maps caused unsuspecting drivers to be guided across the cycle lane, onto Greenside Lane's pavement, and subsequently down the stairs. The inaccurate route resulted in vehicles being marooned helplessly.


What Did Google Say About This?

Addressing the situation, a Google spokesperson assured Edinburgh Live, that the glitch was under examination and was declared fixed. Despite this, some motorists continue to encounter difficulties stemming from the muddled navigation instructions. A photograph taken by a pedestrian around noon revealed that the delivery truck had not yet been moved. Subsequent pictures illustrated the confusion of locals who found the lorry with its two front wheels overhanging the stairs.

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That Wasn't The First Time It Happened

This comes after the first incident happened on December 19, 2023, when a white SUV found itself in a similar predicament, having mounted the steps to the surprise of onlookers. Witnessing the scene, local resident Gordon shared on social media platform X, formerly Twitter: "It happened last night about 8.24 pm. I thought he was just mounting the pavement until I heard the huge crunch when I was crossing London Road."

This misadventure was shortly followed by a second incident when a private hire vehicle was immobilized in the same spot. The car managed to navigate a few steps before halting, subsequently awaiting a recovery vehicle for extraction.

Further reports will follow as Google continues to work towards permanently rectifying the technical glitch to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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