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Woman Believed Dead Woke Up At Funeral Home

The Sheriff's Office in Lancaster County, Nebraska is investigating after a woman who had been pronounced dead seemingly came back to life in a Lincoln funeral home.

Fire and Rescue were dispatched to the Butherus-Maser & Love Funeral Home yesterday morning and the caller said CPR was in progress on the 74-year-old woman, who had been pronounced dead by staff at The Mulberry nursing home.

The woman was in hospice and was expected to pass away, yet as of yesterday afternoon, she's still kickin'.

Wild Video Shows Gas Station Fire in Davenport

Wild video from the West Locust Kwik Star where a motorcycle caught fire at the gas pump and spread to the pump. Officials said the motorcycle driver ran from the scene before firefighters arrived.

Zeus The Dog Saved Owner From A Bear

Bailey Jacobson had a bear on her property that was targeting her, and her dog, Zeus, ran off after the bear and lured it away from Bailey until she could get to safety.

Caitlin Clark Gets Her Revenge

Kind of. Somebody put together this hilarious video after making Caitlin Clark and Chennedy Carter in a WWE video game.

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