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Spirit Airlines Doesn't Play

Wild scene at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport over the weekend when four employees had enough of somebody's attitude and left the back of the counter to 4 v 1 a customer.

Fever Beat The Chicago Sky This Weekend

The Fever beat out the Chicago Sky this weekend in sort of a round 3 of the Caitlin vs Angel saga, with the Fever edging out the Sky by just 1 point.

However, the outright hate of Caitlin Clark continues from other players around the league, with one player pushing her down away from the play.

The player, Chennedy Carter, has had her foul upgraded to a Flagrant 1 Foul, which means it may - after further review - turn into a fine or a suspension.

Angel got a $1,000 fine for not being available to the media after the game, and because of that, the team itself was fined $5,000 for failing to ensure that all players comply with league media policies.

Dog Rescues Its Owner From A Black Bear

A dog rescued its owner from a black bear, luring it away from the owner so she could get to safety.

It's So Hot In Mexico

It's so hot in Mexico that over 130 howler monkeys have fallen dead out of trees due to heat stroke and dehydration. Temps have been pretty steady around the 110+ mark.

Amazon Driver Didn't Call 911 On Garage Fire

An Amazon driver did a garage delivery last week and walked through smoke from a fire, dropped the package, waved the smoke out of his face while taking the delivery photo and then left.

Amazon said the driver didn't start the fire, so it's out of their hands.

UFC 302 Fight... IN THE STANDS

The main event at UFC 302 wasn't Makhachev vs. Poirier, it was the fight that happened in the stands, way up in the nosebleeds.

Crazy guy with a man bun was screaming at a guy in front of him to slap him, calling him "White boy" (both of them are white), and eventually, Man Bun punched the other guy, who stumbled back and fell down a row of seats.

It was the comeback from the regular guy that makes the video, where he came back and kicked Man Bun's ass, starting with a punch right on the off switch, causing Man Bun to roll down 3 rows in the stands, right in front of the other guy, who started just laying hits on him until crowd members pulled them apart.


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