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Karaoke Night Tunes

Dwyer was talking about karaoke nights at the VFW, and how he saw a guy sing Jefferson Starship and absolutely kill it.

The song was Miracles. 

New Coach Of The Quad City Storm

Today at 8:30, we'll hear from the new Head Coach of the Quad City Storm - Shayne Toporowski.

Not only does he have games played at every level of hockey (including the NHL), but he's also coached, AND he's one of the Toporowski's the Quad Cities hockey fans know. He's the brother of QC Mallard Kerry Toporowski, the uncle of Iowa Wild's Luke Toporowski, and his other nephew, Jake, who was formerly the Assistant Coach of the Storm himself.

LISTEN: Coach Talks The Upcoming Season

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Jenna Wardlow
Jenna Wardlow

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Guinness Is Going To Quit Because Of This Guy

The speed record for Typing The Alphabet With Your Nose (With Spaces) has been broken once again - by the guy who broke it twice before.

Nobody else has even challenged his record. He just keeps calling them up to do it again.

Megan and Hairball attempted to beat the record, and while they didn't, it was still pretty entertaining.

Breaking World Records

The music video from Paramore for Ain't It Fun was a partnership with Guinness World Records to break 10 world records through the shooting of the music video.

Auto Shop Pranks Are The Best

This has us cracking up this morning. Obviously, don't do this one at home.

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