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Man In The Box Meaning

We thought maybe Man In The Box was something to do with a dead guy in a casket... and boy were we wrong.

Talking to Rolling Stone, Layne Staley got the idea of the lyrics because of some vegetarians.

I started writing about censorship. Around the same time, we went out for dinner with some Columbia Records people who were vegetarians. They told me how veal was made from calves raised in these small boxes, and that image stuck in my head. So I went home and wrote about government censorship and eating meat as seen through the eyes of a doomed calf.


Naked Guy On A Plane

Talk about snakes on a plane... an Australian flight had some problems when a passenger took off his clothes and ran up and down the aisles.

Humans Being and Twister

Sammy Hagar told a story on Sunday during his show on 97X about being tapped to write a song for Twister. He wanted to get some weather terms to write the song, and Eddie and Alex told him to forget that, just write something driving and they'll use it.

Hairball pointed out the smooooooth transition the orchestral score does from the score into the song.

The World's Oldest Flight Attendant Died

Naked Guy On A Transformer Statue

Albuquerque Police were called to a statue of Bumblebee from Transformers because there was a naked guy sitting on top of it.

According to the report, cops arrived and he had a 'bunny suit' around his ankles. Wait until you see his mugshot.

Oh yeah, he's normal.

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