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Double Rainbow ALL The Way Across The Sky

Last night at the Backwater Gamblers Water Ski Show, the rain brought out two huge rainbows, both of which ended in the Rock River.

Lightning Strikes During Metallica Show

Some badass special effects took place during the Munich show for Metallica over the weekend when lightning struck five times as they started playing Master of Puppets as their final song of the show.

Imagine seeing these guys, you just heard Seek & Destroy and then as they kick into Master, the sky decides to join the special effects team.

Lightning Safety Tips

Bones Owens In Studio

We had Bones Owens stop by this morning after his show at the Racoon Motel last night. He's headed up to Milwaukee next, which is fitting because he's riding his motorcycle from tour stop to tour stop.


Check him out on his website and your favorite streaming service.


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