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Wizard of Oz Escape Room Isn't What You Think It Is

Beauty and More With Renee via YouTube
Beauty and More With Renee via YouTube

Your Facebook feed is about to start having people all excited about a Wizard of Oz themed "outdoor escape experience." Only, it's essentially you spending $40 to do a geo-fenced trivia game on your phone in the middle of town.

Bacon, Bourbon, Brew & Wine Bash At Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds

Dwyer and Hairball will be hanging out at the Bacon, Bourbon, Brew Bash at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds tomorrow. There's only a few tickets left, so be sure to get over there and enjoy all of God's gifts to mankind.

Woman Left Camera On During Funeral Service

A woman who is known to be a businesswoman accidentally broadcast herself showering to the entire funeral service she was watching as she got ready for the wake.

She couldn't make it to the service, but was getting ready to go to the wake later on. She wanted to watch, so she set her computer up right next to her shower, and didn't realize her camera was on.

What Are Your Kids Throwing Away When You're Gone?

Do you have a random collection of crap that you can't get rid of but don't use, like a collection of old boxes, or all the jerseys in your closet, or the Christmas village you haven't put out in 10 years?

What are your kids throwing away right without a thought when you're gone?

Maybe you've got a collection of odd-sized wood that you've had for decades "just in case you need it."

Tim McGraw Wore A Caitlin Clark Jersey in Des Moines Last Night

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