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The Anti Fall Airbags

There's a new device created in China that you wear, like a jacket, and if it senses a fall, it'll deploy some airbags to protect your head, hips, and back.

They've been using TikTok to promote their product for awhile now, and had to turn off the comments because of all the sarcasm.

The product is called S Airbag, and you can get them on their website.

John Mellencamp Ended Another Show Early

John Mellencamp was playing in Toledo yesterday when some hecklers got on him for talking too much during a story.

"Play some music!" Someone yelled.

John didn't take that lightly. "What do you think I've been doing, you c***sucker? Here's the thing, man. You don't know me. You don't f***ing know me. Hey Joe, find this guy and let me see him after the show."

Then when he tries to move on, someone yelled out "Authority Song!"

Mellencamp responded, "Guys, I can stop this show right now and just go home. Tell you what I'm gonna do. Since you've been so wonderful, I'm gonna cut about 10 songs out of the show. Here we go."

He started playing Jack & Diane, got about a line into the song, and then stopped.

"Know what? Show's over."

He came back after a few minutes but still cut the show about 8 songs short.

The Creepy Line

Michaels saw another big tech documentary that dives into the tech giants controlling what kind of information we see, called The Creepy Line.

The Creepy Line is a 2018 American documentary exploring the influence Google and Facebook have on public opinion, and the power the companies have that is not regulated or controlled by national government legislation.

It's on Amazon Prime, but you can watch the whole thing here.

The Shake Machine Needs To Be Fixed

You know how every time you go to McDonald's it seems like the ice cream or shake machine is broken? Well, the government is stepping in to make sure they get them fixed and running again.

How To Know If The Ice Cream Machine Is Broken

This website is updated frequently and lets you know if the McDonald's Ice Cream machine is down.

The website is called McBroken. Opening the website you will see a map with green and red dots. The Red dots are McDonald's locations that currently have a broken ice cream machine. The Green dots mean the ice cream machines are working.

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