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Toilet Paper Truck Loses Hundreds Of Rolls

A Ford F-350 carrying toilet paper in California lost a few boxes, littering the southbound lanes of I-5 near Calgrove Boulevard, according to CHP.

Guy With A Pricey Boat Flips Out At Dock Workers

A guy known as "Ace Rogers" was trying to park his $4.5 million Tecnomar Lamborghini 63 yacht at the Marriot Marquis Marina, but according to a 21-year-old dock worker, things went from "0-100 immediately" when he was told he couldn't park there.

“I will kill you, you know I will kill you, I will kill,” Thakore repeatedly yells according to the video posted to YouTube. He then started insulting the 21-year-old.

“I’m a minimum wage worker, he was commenting on that, on my status just because of my job,” Holt said. “He was saying I’m nobody, I’m nothing, I work a silly job.”

During the discussion, "Rogers" started throwing $100 bills at the employee, then stripped nude.

He's nortoiously a douchebag, going by most of the videos he posts about his mindset in life.

Dwyer Is Slinging Drinks For St. Patrick's Day

Dwyer and his wife, Tree, will be serving drinks at Rascal's Live in Moline this Saturday night at the Rockin' Authentic St. Patrick's Day Party with Ricky Warwick.

Dog Stories

We shared stories of indestructible dogs. A  three legged dog named ATC (All Terrain Casey after the 3 wheeled Honda ATC) who took a gunshot to the leg and had one amputated - then a few years later blew out the tendons in the single front leg she had, and used her back feet to push herself home.

Tanner called about his grandpa's dog that got hit by a plane propeller and got his face sliced up a bit and lost some teeth, but after some repairs, he lived for another 7 years.

Kid Found When Target Store Opened For The Day

A 12-year-old kid who was reported missing was found hiding out inside of a Target store.

Gator Takes A Fisher's Hand Off On Golf Course

A guy trying to catch a couple fish at a golf course in Leesburg, Florida had his hand taken off by a 9-foot 3-inch alligator.

Japan Space One Rocket Explodes On Takeoff

What was supposed to be Japan's first private orbital launch didn't go so hot when the rocket exploded just a few seconds after takeoff.

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