A supposedly drunk man learned some car etiquette in Huntington Beach, California after he sat on the hood of a stranger's McLaren to take a selfie.

As the video begins, the drunk guy can be seen swaying and having what I call drunk legs as he tries to turn around to take a selfie in front of what looks to be a McLaren GT (MSRP $200,000).

At first, the owner of the car seems entertained by the fact that this guy thinks his car is cool enough to take a photo of, but it's when he turns his head that the drunk guy takes a seat - right in the middle of the hood.

When he sees the guy on his hood and gets instantly pissed, and acting possibly a little rashly, the car owner throws a right hook into the drunk guy's head.

Exchanging words as the drunk guy struggles to get to his feet, the car owner throws one more punch into the guy's head.

The video is taken from across the street, where it sounds as if a restaurant or (probably more likely) bar is watching the whole scene unfold.

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