A Florida man was taken into custody after a drunken assault that occurred at a Walgreens at 1:20am.

Police from the Clearwater Police Department said they responded to Walgreens for a report of an irate customer who was assaulting employees.

The employees told police that 23-year-old Idel Noy-Quesada got tangled up with them after he unsuccessfully tried to buy some cigarettes at a Walgreens store.

Clearwater Police
Clearwater Police

Noy-Quesada showed his photo ID card, but according to the police report, he was “was refused service due to the business’s policy." It doesn't specify what the policy was, but that's the business's right to refuse a sale.

When he found out he wasn't going to be getting his cigarettes, Noy-Quesada reportedly became "irate" and started throwing Snickers bars at the female employee, who was hit in the face by the candy.

A second worker told Noy-Quesada to leave the store, but he refused.

Instead, Noy-Quesada, who appeared intoxicated allegedly threw several Snickers Bars at the other Walgreens employee, hitting him in the chest.


Noy-Quesada, of course, claimed that he didn't mean to throw the candy at the second guy, but you already know that the surveillance footage showed otherwise. The police report says he “was very intentional where he directed the Snickers bars.”

After speaking with the employees, they moved on to gather a statement from Noy-Quesada's cousins who were present and corroborated the female worker's statement.

He was booked into the county jail on a pair of misdemeanor battery counts, and was released Monday after posting $1000 bond.

He probably should've eaten the Snickers, because you're not you when you're hungry.

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