Nothing grabs your attention when driving down the road like a big inflatable mascot dancing on the sidewalk outside of whatever store they're promoting. Unfortunately, it doesn't just attract the attention of those driving by - it also attracts drunk women who have a love-hate relationship with big mattresses.

An unnamed 41-year-old Durango, Colorado woman was cited for harassment after pushing the mascot for Mattress Outlet mascot near 14th Street and Main Avenue on September 27th, causing the employee to fall onto his back, according to Cmdr. Deck Shaline with the Durango Police Department.

The employee, who wasn't injured, was wearing an inflatable mattress costume - the kind that has a small fan inside to keep it inflated. He was supposed to stand outside the front of the business - but within two minutes he was attacked.

Durango Herald via YouTube
Durango Herald via YouTube

“He went outside and there was a drunk lady that basically started attacking him and trying to tip him over and hitting him and stuff,” manager Tucker Fincher told the Durango Herald. “ … She was drunk out of her mind. She was trying to kick him over and get him on the ground.”

Police said the drunk woman was initially playful, hugging and talking to the mattress mascot. It was a few moments later that her demeanor changed, and she became "aggressive" and "profane." She began pushing the employee, and eventually, he tripped.

While the employee laid on his backward on the ground, the woman stood over him and yelled profanities.

“The employee went back inside the business, and with the assistance of another employee held the doors of the business closed as (the woman) was trying to get inside,” Cmdr. Deck Shaline told The Durango Herald.

The manager, Fincher, said the employee returned inside the store with his costume unzipped.

“He was like, ‘Dude, this lady’s attacking me,’” Fincher said.

The woman showed up to finish the job she'd started on that smug little mattress, banging on the doors of the business, screaming at employees, and throwing a sandwich board on the ground.

“I just put my foot in front of the door so she couldn’t get in and just called the cops,” Fincher said. “She was drunk or high – I’m not totally sure – but she wasn’t in her right mind, for sure.”

Police found the woman a block from the store, where she was cited, released, and free to go home and sleep it off.

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