23-year-old Diego Martinez-Espinosa of Chesterfield County, Virginia was busted by the DEA with 19 kilos of cocaine on New Year's Eve. He's facing felony drug trafficking charges and he's been out on bond ever since.

Diego wasn't allowed to leave his house and had to wear a GPS ankle bracelet. It's clear that he hated it, by the way he kept trying to take it off, messing around with the strap, and not recharging it.

Last month, the signal went dead. When the cops went to his place, they found Diego was gone, and he'd put the bracelet on his cat. He must have figured the cat would wander around and everyone would just assume it was him.

(Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office)

He's still on the loose, and U.S. Marshals are trying to hunt him down. If they catch him, he'll be facing extra federal charges for jumping bond.