Since it's a new've probably got a few resolutions you've set for yourself. Most people want to lose weight or increase their fitness in 2021. I personally, let 2020 get the best of me and am in dire need of a change.  So, eating better is a part of my New Years regimen.

I'd also like to splash someone with my car.

Do you realize how little this opportunity pops up?  The universe has to be aligned properly in order to do this right.  The right amount of rain to create puddles.  It's then got to stop raining so people can feel good about going out for a walk. They've got to leave the house a the perfect time. YOUV'E got to leave your house at the perfect time. Then you've got to encounter a puddle on the road that is close enough to the sidewalk but not too close to be dangerous.  Hydroplaning is real.  If someone gets hurt it's less funny.

When you stop atrophy and lose the want & need...the drive to accomplish goals.  You must keep pushing yourself and set the bar in order to grow as a person. Goals are what help us keep moving forward.

Ambitious goals can stimulate the brain.  The higher the goal...oddly, the more likely it is to achieve it.  90% of studies show that more challenging goals lead to higher performance.  Who couldn't use higher performance in their life?  The real world and professionally speaking.

For everything to fall into many things have to be perfect.  Take that shot.

Shoot for your goals.  Accomplish your goals.  Splash that kid on the sidewalk.

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