A man named Scott Tanner was driving in the HOV lane on the freeway in Seattle on Wednesday when, suddenly, a guy in a Jeep sped up behind him and started tailgating him and honking.

Scott figured it was just someone, "road raging" so he refused to pull over and let the guy pass.I would have brake checked him, but instead, Scott slowed down a little bit just to frustrate the guy, who wound up pulling off the freeway at the next stop.

Well, here's what Scott didn't realize.

The guy in the Jeep was a 24-year-old named Arik Knapik, and he was actually in a high-speed police chase at the time. The police had been chasing him after he assaulted his girlfriend.

And because Scott wouldn't move over, it slowed Arik down, which allowed about 20 cop cars to catch up. And they were able to catch Arik shortly after that.

He's facing several charges.

Read more at CBS 7 - Seattle.

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