Doritos are already known for coming in a variety of flavors, and they've added one more.

As spicy foods continue to dominate the market, especially the "Flamin' Hot" line being  produced on everything from peanuts to Cheetos to Funyuns, Frito Lay decided Doritos needed a new hot flavor.

Introducing Doritos Flamin' Hot Limòn flavored chips, Frito Lay says the new chip is going to "bring the same signature heat but with a tangy twist.”

Credit: Frito-Lay
Credit: Frito-Lay

Frito Lay is hoping for as successful of a release as they had with the Flamin' Hot Nacho flavor.

If you've already been a fan of Flamin' Hot flavors, you probably already have had the Flamin' Hot Limòn Cheetos. If you've already had those, you know it's one of the best flavors in the Flamin' Hot library.

Frito Lay also released the news that they're changing the Cool Ranch recipe, by adding more flavor powder, and they've created a new label to show just that.

Credit: Frito-Lay

Both flavors are hitting shelves this week, so pick up a bag as soon as you can.

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