I have a hard and fast rule when driving:  I don't swerve for animals.

My wife thinks I'm being insensitive to the cute and cuddlies, but that's not true! It's not that I WANT to kill that bunny!  I don't WISH to feel the small speed bump under my tire as another squirrel loses it's mommy!

I'll brake, I'll honk, I'll flip off, I'll curse...but I won't swerve...because I believe cranking the wheel at a certain speed can do more damage.  Plenty of times you've heard of someone over correcting when coming off the side of the road or avoiding the deer and flipping the car.

And looky here...I found some news that makes my point.

According to DMV.org, "You can suffer more ghastly consequences from an oncoming UPS delivery truck than from a leaping mule deer or skittering antelope. It is best to lock the brakes, jam the horn, and (if time allows) duck low behind the dashboard."

In fact, here are more facts from DMV.org that may sway (not swerve) your opinion about your so called defensive driving.

  • A collision with some form of wildlife occurs, on average, every 39 minutes.
  • 1 out of every 17 car collisions involves wandering wildlife.
  • 89% of all wildlife collisions occur on roads with 2 lanes.
  • 84% of all wildlife collisions occur in good weather on dry roads.
  • The average repair cost of a car-deer collision is $2,800.
  • Approximately 200 motorists die in the United States each year from car-wildlife collisions.

So, as you're driving home from the Muddy Fest this weekend, or your Father's Day events...take your time!  Scan the sides of the road for those glowing eyes. Remember deer travel in herds, so if you see one...there's probably more behind it.

And if you're driving and a squirrel, bunny or raccoon runs out in front of you...

Don't Swerve!!

Unless you're up North and it's a moose.  Those things are tanks!  Swerve your ass off!


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