If you love pizza, and love your girl- Domino's has your back. If your idea of a date night is chilling in your jammies, eating pizza, and watching Netflix with your person- Domino's has your back. If you're wacky, and have a terrible taste in jewelry, but you're ready to pop the question- Domino's has your back.

Domino's announced on Twitter that they've created an engagement ring shaped like a slice of pizza valued at about $9,000. The catch is, there's only one of them made, and you have to win it.


The contest asks you to fill out a form, which asks what your typical pizza-involved date includes, a 30 second video of how pizza will be involved in your proposal, and they want to make sure you've had "the talk" with your significant other. Not the "I'd like to marry you some day" talk, but the "I like pineapple on pizza" talk.


Check out the form on the official contest page.

Read more at Fox News

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