Brittany Memory lives in North Carolina, and was fast asleep when her yorkie, named Penny, woke her up.

The power was out, but it was storming outside, so she just figured her dog was alerting her to another problem.

“I actually thought someone was in the house, and I leaned up and turned on the flashlight on my phone,” Brittany told Live 5 News. “And about that time it sounded like a train.”

Brittany said the train sound got closer, and sounded like it was right outside of her bedroom.

“When I looked, I didn’t have time. If I had waited a second, me and my son would have been out the back door. I didn’t have time to grab Penny.”

The sound was an EF-3 tornado, which rolled through her town of Ocean Isle Beach, killing three and injuring ten others.

Brittany said the tornado ripped a hole in her house, sucking the contents of her bedroom, and her dog Penny, out of the house.

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“She flew out right here in the back with all my covers,” she said, pointing at the giant hole in the back of her house. “It ripped the sheets off my bed. She was just bundled up in it.”

She recalled having a difficult time explaining what happened to the dog to her son.

“I was terrified, I didn’t think she was alive. But I just kept telling my little boy ‘she’s an animal, she’ll be okay, God’s got her. Everything’s going to be alright. We’re safe and everything can be replaced, we can’t.’”

Penny eventually found her way back home within a few hours. She was a little shaken up, as you would be if you were a 7-lb dog who was laying in bed one moment before being sucked into a tornado.  Otherwise, she was just cold.

“She just had a little bit of glass stuck to her and we took her to the vet and everything is okay.”

It's not known how far Penny flew through the air, how she landed safely, or how she knew the way home, but it's safe to assume this'll be a Disney movie plot pretty soon.

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