IWhen I started here in 1996, just a short 10 years ago (right?) 97X had a hearse we would use for remotes and rolling around town.
This served 2 purposes.
a) It would garner some looks from folks passing by (usually had a skeleton as a passenger)
b) PLENTY of room for our broadcasting equipment in the back!
We gave it away as a prize and would see it roving around town from time to time, but I believe it has been dearly departed from it's earthly form!
Since then we have had cargo vans, trucks and cars on varying levels of "safe to drive".
Do you think we should buy this hearse from a fella in Milan?  He's selling it on Craigslist.

Selling my 1992 Buick hearse. Clean can only 75k on it. Good tires all around. New custom rear coil springs and shocks. Fun car to drive. I just have too many cars at the moment and decided to sell this one. 

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