Remember a few years ago when Disney+ launched, and everyone was all hyped up because they were putting all of these classic Disney movies from the last 50 years on the platform? Then, remember how everyone was mad because of random little deleted scenes or the horrible censorship of things like a butt?

If you remember the movie Splash, with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, you know the story already that Daryl Hannah's character is a mermaid who comes ashore to find Tom Hanks, but ultimately has to return to the sea.

After one of the times she rescues Hanks' character from the sea, she runs back into the water, only she's not wearing any clothes. Disney decided that was unacceptable for their platform, so they censored her butt with "digital fur technology" to extend her hair - except it just looks like she has Daryl Hannah's body with sasquatch's ass.

Allison Pregler via Twitter
Allison Pregler via Twitter

As a still, it doesn't looks so bad - but it's when it's in motion that it makes you cringe and feel uneasy.

However, there's good news now. Disney+ has finally added a "parental lock" feature that allows parents to hide movies and shows that aren't appropriate for kids.

So, Daryl's butt returns to the streaming screen - and that sasquatch ass is no longer haunting our nightmares.

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