Delta Flight 89 took off from LAX headed for Shanghai when it had to turn around and make an emergency landing.Due to engine failure, the plane had to loop back around to land in the airport.

To help the plane lose some weight in order to stay aloft, the pilots dumped the fuel. Unfortunately, the 777 dumped over 13 hours of fuel over the city, especially affecting multiple neighborhoods, and an elementary school.

Two classes from Park Avenue Elementary were outside for recess when the fuel came down like rain. 20 children were treated by ambulance after being doused with jet fuel. No children were taken to the hospital.

A sixth grader was spoken with by the LA Times, who told them “We came out and we were playing, and the airplane was outside and we thought it was rain, but then we knew it was throwing gas on us, and everybody started to run. We went to the auditorium and we knew what happened. We went back to class. We stayed for one hour and then we went home.”

Neighbors said it looked like glass was raining from the sky. Those affected were worried about the dangers of being doused with a flammable liquid, and some complained of a headache from the vapors.

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