A 24-year-old rapper killed in a Washington D.C. area shooting's funeral was a bit different, with some even saying it's "unethical" and "extreme."

Markelle Morrow, who went by the rapper name 'Goonew', had a different funeral that organizers called "The Final Show," with the centerpiece of the party being his embalmed body, propped up in a corner.

The 24-year-old Goonew's embalmed corpse could be seen on video from the party, standing in a spot overlooking the crowd while wearing what looks like one of his normal outfits, a crown, and glasses.

Video shows the audience was pretty mixed on the display, with some dancing and having a great last time partying with the rapper, and others sititng stone-faced, staring at the dead body staring back them.

TMZ reports that Bliss Nightclub is looking into the party, and whether or not the corpse was real and if it was, whether there would be any legal ramifications.

The Final Show featured full pyrotechnics and lights, and a $40 cover charge.

Apparently, this isn't a new thing. "Extreme Embalming" is increasing in popularity, with one New Orleans area funeral home "specializing" in the practice.

The idea is to take the deceased, and pose them where there family would most likely find them enjoying themselves, like this woman sitting at her kitchen table.

Or this guy, who enjoyed playing NBA 2K on his PlayStation.

Or this guy, who was known for his poker skills. Good luck beating that poker face.

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