A woman in New Providence, New Jersey was surprised to find that a bag of green beans she purchased at a farmer's market came with a little extra protein.

Lindsay Clayton and her boyfriend were shopping for some locally grown veggies last weekend. She grabbed a few handfuls of string beans from a bin and threw them in a plastic bag.

"We are always careful about making sure the produce is good because there have been a few times when we've gotten rotten produce from there," she told Patch.

It wasn't until a few nights later that she realized what was actually in the bag. Lindsay was cooking dinner when she saw something light in the bag of green beans. "It was the lizard. It was so nasty and we screamed," she said.

The reptile was already dead and the couple investigated the inside of the bag to see if it had tried to claw its way out. There were no signs of an attempted escape.

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