Four Mississippi daycare workers were fired for frightening little children with a Halloween mask.

Staff members at Lil’ Blessings Child Care & Learning Center, located in Hamilton, Mississippi were allegedly trying to scare some children who they thought had been “bad,” said someone in a Facebook post.

They wore a Scream mask and walked around the daycare scaring the children by getting close to them.


One fired employee who went by the name of CeeCee said, “It wasn’t meant to harm anybody and it wasn’t ill-intentioned,” she said in a video shared on Facebook, according to the Daily Mail.

“The teachers asked me if I would do it or if they could use (the mask) to get their class to listen or clean up. I’m not a child abuser.”

When the worker walks into the rooms with the horror-show mask, the toddler begins to scream and cry. The children get visibly more distressed as the videos go on, with some of the children running to hide behind desks and bookshelves.

“Long story short, I bought the masks to scare her [coworker] eventually and they were used inappropriately,” she explained.


“But what you all didn’t see was after I had left the room, I took it off and I went back into the classroom… and I said ‘CeeCee got the monster. It’s not coming back.’ And they would hug me. I’ve known those kids their whole life.”

“They knew it was me, and they had the reaction they did cause they are children and that’s it,” she added.

We can assume the parents were not amused by this stunt.
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