People are disappointed in this Davenport parent after she stole all the candy out of this honor bucket.

Facebook - Shane Williams
Facebook - Shane Williams

When trick-or-treating there are unspoken rules that everyone SHOULD follow.

  • Don't walk on people's landscape
  • Only go to houses that have lights on
  • Only take ONE piece of candy from a candy bowl

As you can see, some people think they are above kindness and etiquet, and they steal candy from other children.

Stealing candy out of honor buckets is something you would catch older troubled kids doing. I guess this woman never grew out of her troubled phase because in this video she clearly doesn't care about anyone but herself.

This Ring doorbell video was posted on Facebook on October 31st at 6:30 PM.

Neighbors and other Davenoprt dwellers were angered about the incident and posted their thoughts in the comments.


"I would love to say I'm surprised but not a bit."
"Way to set an example for the kids. It's also sad when your own child has to tell you to stop."
"I am crying what a flippin shame."
Sadly, incidents like this may lead to the end of the honor buckets.
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