Up north along the Mississippi in Fulton, Il, they have an annual Bluegrass Festival. Heritage Canyon is ripe for this type of entertainment.  Down in a...well, a canyon...there's a little church and a gazebo/stage and musicians are invited to come play for a bunch of folks sitting on the hillside.

They plug in their stand up basses, banjos and mandolins and the sound...goes...forever!

I've been taking my kids here for the annual fest for a few years now.  We pack up the cooler, bring some chairs and tap our feet to a style of music you're probably rolling your eyes at.

So, we got a little storm on Saturday evening.  Nothing serious, thankfully...but enough to chase some people out of the canyon.

Not us.

We played in the rain.

Danced in the mud.

And more importantly, made some memories on this fathers day weekend!

stage rain2

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