Dana White's PowerSlap league will have a cable debut in 2023.

At a press conference in New York, Dana White revealed that an eight-episode deal has been locked for PowerSlap to air on TBS beginning in January. The league has gained approval from the Nevada Athletic Commission to be a regulated sport.

White isn't running day-to-day operations, but he did say there will be similar medical testing to the UFC, as well as drug testing for competitors.

Check out this quick overview of the rules, passed out at the press conference to media members in attendance.

According to the PowerSlap website, a coin toss is going to determine the option for the winner to throw or receive the first slap of the match.

The (can't call them slappers, according to the rule card) fighter delivering the slap gets thirty seconds to strike, and the "defender" will get thirty seconds for recovery.

Victory is decided by knockout, TKO, or by points - with a similar 10-point must system being used just like MMA.

PowerSlap via YouTube
PowerSlap via YouTube

Judges will determine scoring based on the striker's effectiveness and the defender's reaction and recovery.

Check out this promo trailer - which features a bunch of people getting knocked out by a slap.

Fouls in the competition include stepping, clubbing, delay of game, and illegal wind-up.

Fighters will have to announce which hand they will be using, and how long it will take for the slap to be delivered. Strikes that veer from the announcement result in a penalty.

A penalty comes in the form of warnings, point deductions, re-strikes, losses of strikes, or disqualification.

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