A cyclist raising money for Yemen relief said he rode exactly 69 miles per day for 36 days. Huh huh.... 69.

Ruben Lopez from Chicago started his expedition on August 18th at Poo Poo Point in Washington state, and spent the next 36 days working his way to Pee Pee Creek in Ohio, a 2,500 mile trip.

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Hey guys, for my (late) birthday I wanted to tell you all that I am riding across the country as a direct supporter of the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction foundation(YRRF). ‪ my goal is to raise a dollar for every mile I ride which is why I chose the longest, most legendary route possible. Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee island. ‪Why am I doing this ride? Yemen has been under attack since 2015 by the Saudi/UAE, causing over 22 millions of Yemenis to starve, and over 85,000 kids to die. To make it worse, @USAID, the aid that fed so many civilians has been SUSPENDED amidst a pandemic.‬ We don’t hear about it on the news because the US has been supplying Saudi Arabia with missiles and weapons for profit for years‬, making billions of dollars from the ongoing war. I normally do these long ride alone, but I’m doing this extremely long meme ride in particular to bring attention to the people whose voices are not being heard. I am also bringing attention to one of the most trusted organizations who’ve been providing relief to the Yemeni people Yemenfoundation.org. ‬ There will be an official fundraiser link I will share in a few days, though you can learn and even donate directly through the link in bio. I will be uploading regularly on YouTube where any money from ads and views will be directly donated to YRRF. My ride starts on Tuesday! I will be streaming the trip about twice a week. Have a blessed day everyone:) #yemencantwait #Bicycle #cycling #cycletour #Yemencrises #cycle #awareness

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Lopez said he's not stopping there. Another 2,500 miles will get him to Pee Pee Island in Newfoundland and Labrador.

You can help him raise money for Yemen financial relief. So far he's succeeded his own goal of $5,000, with about $9,570 raised so far.

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