A school superintendent in New York was seen crowd surfing during a high school football game on Friday, then was later arrested for DUI.  His blood-alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit.  It's unclear if he'll keep his job.


Superintendents are typically seen as the intimidating big person in charge. The person everyone gets mad at when it snows 10 feet overnight but there is no announcement of a snow day the next morning. This superintendent, however, seems to be quite the opposite, and rather, the life of the party

48-year-old Jason Thomson is the superintendent of the Baldwinsville School District in New York. This man was crowd-surfing among the students in the bleachers last Friday night.

Oh, a small factor we didn't mention. He was drunk.

Right after the game, Jason was pulled over by cops for driving without a license plate and making a turn without signaling.  They suspected he'd been drinking, and after he failed a  field sobriety test he was arrested for DUI.

His blood-alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit.  The president of the school board said that they take stuff like this seriously, but they have no comment on Jason's future.

Baldwinsville Central School District superintendent Jason Thomson was filmed crowd surfing at a school football game before he was arrested for a DWI. Friday, Oct. 7, 2022.

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