A user on Reddit shared a video of an Amazon driver's experience getting lost, and coming across a few angry neighbors.

The video starts off with an old man being cranky, yelling at the driver, claiming he's trespassing.

"If you come back here again, and trespass on my property, I'm going to shoot your tires out and have you arrested for trespassing," the man calmly said to the driver.

The driver explains his GPS wasn't working well enough to find the address, and asked not to be threatened with gun violence.

The two argue back and forth until a third voice is heard, screaming "Hey! Are you listening or what, here? Get off my property," as another old man comes into view.

The driver explains to the new guy, "This man is threatening me with gun violence."

The second neighbor is now mad at the first neighbor for threatening the Amazon guy, and starts yelling at him to get out of there.

The two argue back and forth until the second guy's wife shows up with a baseball bat. She gives the driver the directions he needs to make the delivery and get on his way.

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