Whether it's mask mandates in 2020-2021 or just an old school rowdy drunkard...bar managers have always had to deal with a upset people.  In fact, not just managers.  The whole service industry....the whole lot of them have had to put up with horrible attitudes from people who think that just because they being "served" that they are the king or queen.

They are not and don't deserve to be treated as such.
What ever you do...don't mess with creatives.  Craft beer is an artform, in my opinion, and artists can be viscous.  They can be especially vindictive after a few pints.  And forget about it if  they've got a big enough megaphone...they'll be able to publicly shame you.
And they should.  We all should.
Be nice!  You never know what someone else is going through and these days we're all going through a lot.  If you don't like the mask mandate...there's nothing saying you have to patronize that establishment.
Beale's in Bedford, Virginia had enough of the hate being spewed at their general manager and created a beer to honor her and silence the jerk faces.  This one is called "Your Manager Is Bitch" American Porter named after an email they got from a patron not understanding that we are in a global pandemic.
This beer was inspired by the troll who emailed us “your manager is bitch” after he was refused service for refusing to wear a mask. We thank him for giving us an opportunity to stand behind BC and the countless other service industry workers who come to work every day with unfailing optimism. ⁣
And even the flavor profile is a trolling the trolls.  "Although we’ve been accused of making beer that tastes like hot old OJ, this is actually a Porter with notes of toasted pecans and caramel."
Unfortunately they don't ship...so, it looks like we need to make a road trip to Virginia.

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