We've all had a long couple years.  But I feel like families of hospital workers have had it extra rough.  Actually dealing with Covid 19 patients every day from the start of the pandemic takes a toll.  The extra precautions don't take away the worry.  Seeing first hand what this disease is doing to people is heart wrenching.

The Stage family has been relatively lucky. Up until now we have all been healthy & well.  That is until one of us became Covid positive last week. I'll be honest...the thought to isolate each of us away from the other came into my mind. Since we can't afford 4 hotel rooms, banishing each to their own room was a possibility but highly unfeasible.

Even at my most heightened paranoia, I never thought about putting my kids in the trunk.

According Fox News 13:

Beam said her child was in the trunk because they had previously tested positive for COVID-19 and as a result, wanted to "prevent her[self] from getting exposed to possible COVID while driving [the child] to the stadium for additional testing."


Records also state an official witness with Cypress-Fairbanks ISD requested to see the child and that Beams "would not be receiving COVID testing until the child would be removed from the trunk of the vehicle and place[d] in the back seat of the vehicle."


A warrant was issued for Beam's arrest, where she will be facing Child Endangerment charges.

I've got a hatchback anyway.  I don't think this would have the same effect.

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